Friday, February 17, 2006


Strategic intent - use the "divide & rule" formula!!!

We discussed that "strategic" is mainly used with long term (i hope you remember)

"Intent" is basically related to "intentions" that is "a plan to do something" is an intention

Join the 2 - & you get - "a plan to do something in the long term" .... isnt it

this "plan to do something in long term" can be expressed in vague terms as well as specific terms. ... right

Now, ... here come vision, mission, business definition, goals, objectives - just see that all these terms basically express - "a firm's plan to do something in the long term" ....

So, here is you answer - "STRATEGIC INTENT" is - what an organization plans to strive for in future (long term), and it can be expressed in vague / broad terms as well as in specific terms

So, vision & mission of an organization expresses the strategic intent of the organization in broad terms .... and ... business definition, goals, objectives expresses the strategic intent of the organization in relatively specific terms.

In other words, we can say that - vision, mission, business definition, goals & objectives - are (just) "tools" to express "strategic intent" of the organization.


Vijaychandran said...

Well written article Anurag.I dont go for this but i heard this comment strategies are nothing but mgmt word for common sense.( The obvious).

Shikha Arora said...

Great effort.Keep it going.u really make things simple n easy to understand.wish u all the success.........
Shikha Arora
Management Faculty
Deepshikha college of Technical Education, Jaipur.
Being a friend just want to say that u r too good n i get to learn soo much from u thanx for being there

Mr. R. said...

Well when I was in school I was taught following:
-there are only 4 basic competitive strategies: low cost provider, differintiation, niche, and developing distinctive competency not easily copied by competitors.

-"strategic intent", is when company is intentionally trying to adopt the fourth type of competitive strategy, since it creates the most sustainable advantage

anurag said...

i am sorry Mr R but i dont subscribe to your views ... strategic intent can be same for any 2 or more companies ... because it is just a statement of what a company wants to achieve in distant future.